Installation view at Denny Dimin Gallery.

A year before the MoMA exhibition, Superstudio dreamed up the 2000-Ton City. The citizens of this megastructure live in a techno-utopia in which all their desires are fulfilled, unless they formulate thoughts of rebellion against this perfect life twice in row, in which case their ceiling will come down on them with the weight of two thousand tons crushing them to death.

The Euthanasia Project is an ambitious masterplanning project led by renowned architecture firm Heterarchitecture under the direction of architect and artist Chen Pin Tao 6.o.6.6.y.C.C. Geographically located on the remote islands of China, the project is a response to human suffering and aims to build an infrastructure which allows the anxiety inhibitors (mortals known as human beings) to live an alternative reality and die with dignity. The building block of the masterplan is a prefabricated capsule system that provides all the necessary needs for the survival of the human body. The prefabricated capsule can be stacked vertically and horizontally, allowing the architecture to grow in density as the population increases over time.